Regula Sanchez










Having fun with color and abstraction...


Regula begins with all of the standard elements of art composition, color, concept, and expression. She applies and uses these tools or elements to produce an often abstract photo, using a digital mirror reflex camera. The final process is tedious involved and very time consuming - this is the manipulation phase, in which she dumps the image into a photo program and begins to modify and edit the image. It is in this phase that the abstract or conceptual elements expand, develop or solidify. A simple image from a hike in a forest becomes a surreal or hallucinogenic image through the many hours or editing and manipulating the basic photo.


Jonathan: "I feel an explanation of the process is important to understand and appreciate the newer medium of digital photography. There is a misconception that snapping a photo is easy as anyone can do it. It is also often said that when involving a computer in art that the skill or craft is replaced by the computer or that it is doing the work for the artist. But a vacation shot and the sort of thing that Regula is creating are light years apart, with the infinite possibilities of editing and manipulation available in a digital environment. How does one know when something is good or finished? The basic elements of art then come into effect of composition color and expression this should be considered in defense of digital art."

Photo manips

I stumbled across some old mining equipment in Cripple Creek, Colorado.  The pieces inspired another form of photo manipulations, that I have not ventured into so far.

Photo manips

The pictures below are taken in the forests of Switzerland - with the intention to manipulate later into abstract pieces.