The Upper Strata

a chameleon-like duo blending indie rock, electro, disco, trip hop and blues.

Live we combine guitar, bass, synth, and accordion with loops, beats, found sounds and videos. Java Magazine described our newest release, Neon Glitz: "a stunning album from beginning to end." We had a great experience recording, mixing and mastering the album for vinyl - especially since we were able to do it all (including the pressing) in Portland. Planning the album for vinyl required some restraint and we even chopped some songs from the album in order to keep the audio quality high. Maybe in 20 years we will release an anniversary double-album with everything on it. Until then (which is 2037!!) you can get the vinyl on Bandcamp or at one of our shows.

Marissa Abruzzini,

"Their music has a cabaret tone that I’ve never heard before in an electronic group, and it’s absolutely fascinating."

YabYum (talking about the album Neon Glitz)

“It tackles not only styles and genres rarely blended together (let alone, so fluently), but also addresses in its lyrics issues and concepts many are afraid to even consider.”"



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favorite gigs so far

    Soda Bar (San Diego, CA), Last Exit Live (Phoenix, AZ) Lovecraft (Portland, OR), Tempe Marketplace (Tempe, AZ), Hotel Utah (San Francisco, CA), Sidepony Express Music Festival (Bisbee, AZ), Scottsdale Arts Festival (AZ), Mesa Arts Center (Mesa, AZ)



Neon Glitz - album cover Neon Glitz consists of electro indie dance tracks - mixed with soul and trip hop. The ablum is truly local - written and recorded in Portland, mastered by Telegraph Mastering (Portland) and pressed at Cascade Record Pressing (Portland). Released July 2017.
Cabaret Wartaire - album cover Cabaret Wartaire blends Old World accordion sounds with modern electronic elements and beats. Thematically, the album is a collection of conflicts (man vs. nature, peace vs. war, female vs. male, corporations vs. individuals).
Shadow Upon The Snow - album cover Shadow Upon The Snow is an eclectic mix of genres - funky rock, reggae and folk flavors - add up to a fun little romp.
Phantastic Pigeon-Holes - album cover Phantastic Pigeon-Holes takes you on a bluesy trip through the desert southwest. Songs are littered with saloons, old mining towns, and haunted hotels. The influence is ranging from Tom Waits to Son House and Muddy Waters to Morphine. The resulting album is an eclectic mix of genres.
Manifest - album cover Manifest is an EP featuring Blues, Pop, and Alternative sounds that form an eclectic and varied collection.
From Restless To Ruin - album cover From Restless to Ruin is a raw, emotional recording of acoustic songs that have been played in many coffeehouses and galleries.