the upper strAta

soaring indie-electronic atmosphere

New album

Hue is colorful journey inspired by our travels and sensory experiments - an indie soundtrack vibe that borders on shoegaze, dream pop, and alternative R&B.


The Upper Strata is a US/Swiss indie-electronic duo layering vocal harmonies, sequencers, thumping bass and spacey guitar. At the heart of this creative duo is songwriting and musical exploration – how they glue it together changes continually. With each album, you get the upper, current layer of the musical strata. Since 2011, The Upper Strata has released 2 EPs, 7 LPs and played over 500 concerts in the US, Canada and Europe.



Hue (2023)
Luap Elk (2020)
Fog (2019)
Fog Instrumental (2019)
Neon Glitz (2017)
Cabaret Wartaire (2015)
Phantastic Pigeon-Holes (2013)


Shadow Upon The Snow (2014)
Manifest (2011)



Aug 24 Wakepark Brombachsee, Absberg (GER)
Apr 02 Iconik Coffee Roaster, Santa Fe (NM)
Mar 30 806 Coffee & Lounge, Amarillo (TX)
Mar 27 Awendaw Green, Awendaw (SC)
Mar 23 Sarbez!, St. Augustine (FL)
Mar 20 The Nick, Birmingham (AL)
Mar 19 Banks Street Bar, New Orleans (LA)
Mar 18 Super Happy Fun Land, Houston (TX)
Mar 16 Love Buzz, El Paso (TX)
Mar 15 The Quarry, Bisbee (AZ)
Feb 22 Dudes4, Regensburg (GER)

Favorites shows in the past 
Europe Kramladen, Vienna (AUT) | Parterre One, Basel (SUI) | Flex, Arad (ROU) | Nous Nous, Leipzig (GER) | BRIK, Svilajnac (SRB) | Kunsthalle Ziegelhütte, Appenzell (SUI)
USA Skylark Lounge, Denver (CO) | Amado’s, San Francisco (CA) | Dantes, Portland (OR) | Last Exit Live, Phoenix (AZ) | Soda Bar, San Diego (CA) | Starling Sonoma, Sonoma (CA) | Tempe Marketplace, Tempe (AZ) | The Mint, Los Angeles (CA) | The Quarry, Bisbee (AZ)
Festivals Scottsdale Arts Festival, Scottsdale (AZ) | Sidepony Express Music Festival, Bisbee (AZ) | Spark Festival, Mesa Arts Center (AZ) | Summer Blues, Basel (acoustic Johnny and Reg)





Alternative Music Blog Alt77 "Musically this Swiss duo takes its cues from soundtracks ... [and] post-rock’s ability to take apart and reassemble pop music."

Various Small Flames (about the album Luap Elk) "There is a dramatic, evocative tone here that is very effective, utilising quiet and space to great effect."

Carly Schorman (about the album Fog) "Fog is a hazy soundscape of ambient noises that only touches on the border of shoegaze and indie. ... a monumentally chill album."

YabYum (about the album Neon Glitz) “It tackles not only styles and genres rarely blended together (let alone, so fluently), but also addresses in its lyrics issues and concepts many are afraid to even consider."